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Service and Repair

If any inventory undergoes repair or occational overhaul, smart dealers want to manage the labor and materials spent on equipment maintenance.  Without this information, your business would be unable to determine when an asset has to become too expensive and must be removed from the fleet.  Profitability and repair costs are readily available.

And, if you maintain your customer's equipment, it is even more imperative to collect costs from each service call and properly bill them out to the customer.                                    

Repair Orders and Scheduled Maintenance

How Big is Your Service Fleet?

With DealerSoft you have two options for handling your service and repair needs. The standard DealerSoft installation includes a bundle that we call "Service Lite". that gives you essential features for: managing service technicians, entering repair tickets, dispatch, scheduling preventive maintenance and selling service contracts to the customer.

However, if your service fleet is larger and more sophisticated, you would want to levereage the powerful Acumatica Field Service edition. Acumatica's Field Service edition gives you access to a world-class suite of software for managing these same processes with even more features and depth than you'll find just about anywhere. If you have a large call center, a considerable number of field technicians, and/or complicated scheduling rules then this may be the perfect solution for you.

Recordkeeping for Repairs

Good recordkeeping for equipment repair has considerable value.  Without good records for a machine's repair history:

DealerSoft overcomes that with a simple solution to storing repairs, pictures and documentation for each repair.