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Other Rental Industry Features

DealerSoft is built from some of the most flexible and widely used software technologies available today.  It includes a full set of capabilities for running your rental operations, backoffice, payroll, job costing, equipment service needs and many other functions.  If you have any of the problems outlined on these webpages, you'll find DealerSoft a welcome addition to your office.  Here's a few additional features that you might find beneficial.

Stop Sending Paper to Your Customers.  Are you sending paper rental contracts, quotes, invoices, or customer statements to your customers?  You're probably aware of the drawbacks of this approach versus sending electronic information.  Paper costs more to send, takes longer to arrive, and leaves an impression of being behind the times. 

Get Rid of Your Dispatch WhiteBoard.  If you have a vehicle fleet and you service your accounts with your fleet, you should not be using a whiteboard for scheduling pick ups and deliveries.  A manual schedule is not updated when orders change or last minute updates are entered to the rental contract. 

Locating Your Rental Equipment.  If your equipment is moved or the customer leaves the jobsite and fails to return it, can you take call from someone new, telling you to,  "Come to 123 Main Street and pick up your equipment"?  When that phone call comes in, can you look by street address or city to see where your equipment is in that area?