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New and Used Equipment Sales

Take advantage of Acumatica's award winning ability to handle your sales orders.  During order entry, view the availability of each item entered and default the sales pricing from sales price tables you control, no matter how complexly defined by specific customers, customer or item classes, or quantity breaks, or more.  With proper setup, entering sales order lines is as simple as the item and quantity.  Other information defaults but is editable.  And you can jump to any supporting screen for further information.

Shipments and Invoicing

Create shipment(s) from sales orders, one or multiple times, as scheduled or available.  Acumatica will back order any remaining quantity and complete the sales orders when the last shipment is confirmed.  Each shipment results in an invoice to the customer.

Go paperless with selected customers and automatically email them Order Confirmation reports, Shipping Notifications, Packing Lists, and Invoices.

Control your Inventory

Acumatica will display availability during order entry, track allocations, and maintain all quantity related information about each stock item, including warehouse location and lot/serial numbers.  Attributes can help categorize your inventory and store extra information, including pictures.

Dashboards Customized for your Business Operations

Create your own inquiries to display all kinds of information in summary or detail.  Examples could be lists of open orders, backorders, shipments ready to invoice, invoices for the day, or whatever you need to see.  Many inquiries can be selectively displayed on a dashboard as tables or graphs.  That dashboard can become your Home Page, so you can always see what you need to do next.